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End of Tenancy Cleaning

Moving in or out of a property? We work with many landlords and people renting. Often a professional carpet clean is required as part of your bond

Office Carpet Cleaning

We clean the carpets of offices, shops, pubs and clubs. Ensure your carpets create the right first impression to existing and potential new customers.

Stain & Odour Removal

Stains and smells can be a problem. Our quality cleaning methods can remove most stains and odours from your carpets. Pet safe and child friendly products are used.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Newport

Looking for a team of professionals to clean your carpet? Then look no forward than Newport Carpet Cleaning. For many years we have been helping people like you to clean their carpets like no other business can here in Newport. We work with both domestic or commercial clientel. We have the staff and equipment necessary to bring you the best carpet cleaning service in this zone. Allow us to show you how we can help you and why you should choose us. You won’t regret it!

~~~ What We Do ~~~

We clean and restore carpets like no other business in Newport or any location in South Wales. It’s the unique and principal activity of our business. We offer solutions for domestic and commercial clients. Each one of them has different needs, and we have the team and equipment necessary to meet them all. We can help you with almost any scenario. It doesn’t matter how much we have to clean, we have the team, experience and machinery necessary to offer you the best results in the market.

We do more than offering visual results. Our machinery and team are trained to clean your carpet in a completely new level, getting rid of dirt, moisture and elements that may harm your and your family’s health.

We can also offer commercial solutions. It’s a very different scenario only a few can actually manage to serve, and we’re happy to tell you that we have everything that’s needed to deliver you superb results. We have worked with several of these clients over the last 10 years, hence we have the experience you really need.


We also offer the following services:

Upholstery cleaning

Odour Removal

Rug Cleaning

Hard Floor cleaning

Why Choose Us:

Why should you choose Newport Carpet Cleaning? We know that there are many decent options around, but we would like to show you why we can offer you the best service in any location in South Wales.


Several Years of Experience at Your Service:

Experience is for us the most important thing in any trade or job. We pour these several years of experience in business in any service we offer.

Would you risk yourself to hire a part-time and inexperienced operator to clean your carpet? That’d be a disaster. Because carpets are delicate, therefore, only an experienced team with the right machinery can take care of it the right way.

Would you risk yourself to hire a part-time and inexperienced operator to clean your carpet? That’d be a disaster. Because carpets are delicate, therefore, only an experienced team with the right machinery can take care of it the right way.

We put all of our years of experience at your service. This will make a gigantic difference, because it guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied. We have worked with nearly every scenario or situation in this business across the years. We are constantly learning new things about this business. It’s never over. And we do it with the objective of offering you the best carpet cleaning service, because our clients are the most important thing for us.


The Best Products and Cleaning Equipment:

Hiring an inexperienced operator with a deficient machinery is a very bad move. You are simply inviting problems. With Newport Carpet Cleaning you won’t have to face this situation. Because we have heavily invested into the best machinery in whole South Wales, with the objective of offering you the real best service in Newport or any other location in South Wales.

Our equipment and solutions used is trusted leading brand Prochem. Cleaning carpets is not easy, but with the best machinery along with plenty of experience we can offer you the best solution in this area.

Carpets can get very dirty and be the host for several harmful elements. We will get rid of this thanks to our advanced and modern
machinery, which allows us to clean your carpet like no other business in whole South Wales.


100% Customer Satisfaction:

The most important thing for us are our clients. We won’t be finished till you are 100% satisfied with the results. You deserve to have a
clean and fresh carpet, and we won’t be over till we do it. Because our promise from a beginning is to offer you the best service, and we will really do it.

Our team is constantly trained and we upgrade our machinery whenever necessary. Our service is the best you can here in whole South Wales, and we will make sure to deliver what we promise. It doesn’t matter if we have to clean your carpet, rug, hard floor or upholstery. In any scenario or case we will put all of our years of experience and our best machinery working for you.

Let’s Work Together!

Now you are here. Here at Caerphilly Carpet Cleaning we would love to work with you. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you. You are different from the rest, therefore, we will make sure to deliver a customized solution and service to you.

Don’t wait any longer! Call us and allow us to clean your carpet like no other business in South Wales can!

~~~ Premium Customer Service and Excellent Value ~~~

No Detergents! No Residue to Attract Dirt!

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Newport Carpet Cleaning go above and beyond with their customer service. I am a landlord and always use James and the team who are very good at what they do. I have no hesitation recommending them.

Simon Jones